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Business growth is overwhelming, and when you have a lean staff, limited expertise, or no other executive leader aside from yourself, forecasting and planning could seem impossible; although a necessary part of successful business management. How do you survive and thrive? Laura and her Power Squad of practicing executives, consultants, and creatives understand the struggle and are committed to partnering with you to navigate and dominate each milestone. We’ve helped countless companies and leaders deal with change, loss of momentum, launch strategy and more.

Agencies/organizations as large as the Arkansas State Treasury and Children International, and as small as a local start-up contact us to help them reinvent and better engage and change the world around them. So, what’s the catch?

We recognize that though the work we do is highly valued, partnership is not possible or desired of everyone. In order to help you take the very best of what you have in terms of product, process, skill, resources, and business model, and find even better ways of using them; we require our clients to provide us with agency to become immersed in their business operations. This approach allows you to transform unexpected challenges into opportunities, execute strategic and logical actions with the assistance of an executive team. To date, our company has an 80% success rate. We select an extremely limited number of new clients to work with each year. With our unbundled and inclusive pricing, we can engage on a project, or develop a strategy that is most affordable to the client. We do not “advise” or simply “implement”, but partner with you and your company end-to-end to deliver data-driven strategic planning and outcomes, which require significant time and financial commitment on our part. We are currently not accepting new clients. we will try our best to support you, or, at minimum, happy to suggest another provider!

our process

  • 1.
    Discuss Project
  • 2.
    Collect Data & Research
  • 3.
    Create Strategic Plan & Logic Model
  • 4.
    Submit Recommendation To Client
  • 5.
    Engage Implementation Teams & Contractors