Updated 5/11/2021

Our company policies serve as guidelines for our community of partners, contractors, employees, and clients to help provide accountability, as well as foster expectations that frame the wellness, treatment, and professional requirements of our relationships and activities.

  • 1.     Communication Guidelines.

    1.1 Availability.

    We try to be attentive to our clients. Should you need to reach us between appointments, or any other need, please contact us between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST) M-F. Pleas allow up to 48 hours on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, your inquiry will be addressed the next business day.

    Any e-mails, calls or texts to me related to your Services are for quick questions, and you may receive brief responses. If you want to discuss something at length, We may request that we wait and discuss your question at your next appointment, or for you to schedule a separate meeting altogether.

    1.2 Appointments.

    Please come prepared to start and end your appointments on time.

    1.2.1 Scheduling A Session.

    Standing strategy sessions are made by LEI; however, you will be responsible for scheduling all other times is required. If you need to reschedule an appointment, you need to do so at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time by submitting a request using the provided scheduling link.

    1.2.2 Missed Appointment.

    There may be a rare occasion where you miss your appointment altogether, or you forget to let me know at least 24 hours in advance that you need to cancel or reschedule, so clients are allowed 1 “Get Out of Jail Free” missed an appointment. However, you are only permitted to miss 1 appointment during a Program. If you miss more than 2 appointments, your Program/Service will automatically terminate, and you will not have the opportunity to reschedule or to receive a refund.

    2. Conduct.

    At LEI Venture Company courtesy, tact and consideration should guide our relationships with one another and those we serve. It is mandatory that each member in our partner community show maximum respect to every other person in the organization and other contacts in a business context. The purpose of communication should be to help others and to make our business run as effectively as possible, thereby gaining the respect of team members and clients.

    • Courtesy, friendliness, and a spirit of helpfulness are important and guide the company’s dealings with every interaction that we have.
    • Conservative criticism — that which will improve business by clarifying or instructing — should be welcomed when delivered with respect and tact. Destructive criticism — that which is designed to harm business or another person — is not to be practiced.
    • Inappropriate remarks based on any of the following are not tolerated and such behavior will result in immediate termination: race, religion, ethnic origin, physical attributes, mental or physical disability, color, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, citizenship and/or age.


    1.1 Audience.
    LEI’s client profile consist of serial entrepreneurs with company ownership experience of at least 15 years, and liquidity of $45,000. Though our business model is digital, our focus is building tangible B2B partnerships that lead to referrals. Our audience process a certain purchasing power which enables them to experiment with alternative leisure formulas, long-term strategies, and project-based methodologies. For this reason, how we connect with audiences in social networks is limited to followers which have specific interests related to an ad hoc service that LEI provides.

    1.2 Collaborations.
    Our team studies previously successful sales and engagement methods, as well as current trends as a baseline for valuable brand collaborations for LEI, as well as its clients, In order to collaborate, the influencer, firm, or marketing agent, must serve the target audience of the parent brand, and coincide with that brand’s values and mission. Basically, they have to fit well with us, and anyone connected to us.

    We set up the relationship with collaborators utilizing an internal framework contract in which we highlight the different points of collaboration of the legal relationship and establish the objectives to be met. Of course, these conditions are adaptable to each situation, collaborator and promotional campaign, and client need.


    2.1 Collaboration Execution
    As an extension to our “Terms and Conditions” section 2.4, Our primary Digital Marketing Fulfillment provider is The Digital Market. We license their social media network content creation and scheduling platform, Cloud Campaign. Depending upon the project and contractual agreement between LEI and its clients, any part or all digital marketing implementation is conducted by this firm, but not exclusively for LEI Venture Company.

    2.2 Deployment Schedule

    • Work orders are submitted on the 4th week of the previous month and the 1st week of the upcoming month.
    • Approvals will be sent the 4th Monday of the month; however, content of any kind will not be published until the 15th of each month upon approval.
      • This will mean that your content won’t be ready to proof until the last week of each month, with 1 week for approval, and 1 week to submit final corrections.
      • For example, if approval is sent May 21st will be for content to be published June 15-July 14

    2.3 Results?

    All client successes published to any digital medium managed by our company are actual results of that client and true figures. While they are exceptional, it may not be typical. We make no promise of a specific result to any client relationship and demanding results would not be realistic and escapes the commitments of the legal relationship we have with each relationship. We establish by contract the specific actions that we demand from our collaborators, team, client, and/or influencer, making an exhaustive monitoring of the compliance of those in particular and the contract in general.

    There’s no guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual outcomes will depend on these contractual factors, as well as the strategy itself. Any kind of business has risks and taking action is necessary. We do everything reasonable to lessen the risk for all parties, but it is still a risk. We monitor the advertising actions that we carry out. If the results are positive, we will be delighted to repeat the collaboration in future strategies.



    • Check-in emails will be sent on 2nd and 4th Mondays to keep you updated on projects and assignments. If you have not responded to our email asking what type of other notifications you’d like to receive, click here.
    • We will no longer be publishing content at the start of each month. Your first day of publishing is the 15th of each month.
      • Your audience, nor you will notice the change, but it will mean that your content won’t be ready to proof until the last week of each month, with 1 week for approval, and 1 week to submit final corrections.
      • This month, any content we submit to you for approval will be for content to be published June 15-July 14th.
    • All new requests of any kind will have a 7 day turnaround time.
      • We are growing a tad faster than we are able to keep up with and not at capacity to handle last minute requests of any kind at this time.
      • The 7 days starts after a team member has verified with you the details of your request and submitted a work order. This could be between 24-48hrs. of the initial request.
    • All technical and digital platforms will have scheduled routine maintenance schedules to ensure we are always aware of anything that could interfere with a positive user experience. Schedule TBD.
      • This includes any digital platform you own, but we use or monitor for you.
      • This includes anything that we own and allow client use.
      • This includes everything else that I might have missed.